Precious Metals

Diversify your portfolio for your trading.

Precious Metals are tradable commodities with high economic value and are considered to be rare. These metals are often recognised as safe investments during times of uncertainty and turmoil, providing an alternative for investing in other financial instruments. Gold and silver are a few of the most recognised commodities with high investment value, due to its rarity and involvement in the industrial process.

Lot Size Specification

·       One lot of Gold: 100 ounces

·       One lot of Silver: 5,000 ounces

·       Minimum required lot is 1 Micro lot, 0.01 lot.

Precious Metals Pricing

Prices for gold and silver are quoted in USD. If you are trading 1 lot of gold, one cent movement is equivalent to USD 1. Please see examples:

·       Gold: Opening price is 1700.10 and the price moves up to 1700.11. The profit value is USD 1.

·       Silver: Opening price is 34.70 and the price moves up to 34.71. The profit value is USD 50