Deposit Options

Credit Card

The custom amount goes to RegularPay. Please do not use custom amount button if you have a VISA

Terms of use


By using Credit Card Deposit Option you acknowledge that you:


A surcharge of 10% will be imply to the total amount of payments made to the Company using the credit card option when using MasterCard or Visa (a credit card or debit card).

The department is charged fees by financial institutions when customers pay using the credit option.

• Have read and understood the Terms of Use;

• Understand that all fees, charges and applicable taxes for your payments will be displayed to MT4 Trading Account being confirmed by you prior making payment via Credit Card Option.

General rules for depositing and withdrawing funds

  1. The term “instant” shall be understood to mean that a transaction is carried out within a few seconds without manual processing by financial department specialists.
  2. Funds may only be withdrawn to clients’ personal accounts in order to ensure financial security and prevent money laundering.
  3. The company will not accept direct payments or payments to third parties; clients are given all necessary information in their personal area when completing a transaction.
  4. Deposits and withdrawals may be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If a deposit or withdrawal is not carried out instantly, it will be completed within 24 hours.
  5. The company shall not be liable for delays in processing deposits and withdrawals if such delays are caused by the payment system.
  6. Internal transfers between accounts of the same type are performed instantly.
  7. If a client funds his/her trading account using multiple payment systems or multiple wallets within the same payment system, funds must be withdrawn in proportion to the amounts deposited.
  8. The company retains the right to change the processing time for deposits and withdrawals without notifying clients in advance.
  9. The company may place limits on the payment systems available to clients from certain countries.